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It started with wanting to fix the system, now we’re reinventing it. Insight is made up of hundreds of forward-thinking individuals who want to help place paraprofessionals and teachers in jobs in a cost-effective, simple and strategic way.

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Our Story

Here at Insight, we come from diverse backgrounds ranging from operations execs to local school board members, coming together with hopes to figure out the best and mutually beneficial way to place qualified professionals with busy school districts and administrators. Our track record is strong – we’re known for being a hands-on group with a ton of experience and a high success rate.

We’ve worked on this puzzle before, as we've been in the game for years. We know what a pain it can be between the paperwork, clarifying expectations and interviews… and we’re here to help.

Our Process

"We wanted to find the best way to successfully connect professionals with school districts in need, without the headache. With a strategy based on metrics and past data, we are constantly looking ahead. Our goal is to get qualified professionals in classrooms, with more consistency and less stress.

By taking a look at past trends, we are able to let prospects know of positions in advance, in the areas they’re interested in. Our close relationships with school districts and faculty allow us to provide the most information possible about each job. Here at Insight, we believe a prepared employee is a successful and effective employee, so we cover it all – from environment to expectations.

Work with us here at Insight, and we’ll work for you."