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Insight Featured Ambassador Cheri Venturi
Featured Insight Ambassador: Cheri Venturi

Insight Ambassadors is a new program where our employees #BridgeTheGap between Insight and the communities we serve! Our office sends Insight Ambassadors out to Back-to-School nights, Friday night football games, and other community events to spread the word about our services.

In launching this new program, we’ve met some amazing substitutes, who work everyday in our school districts and who deserve to have their stories told! Every few weeks, we will be featuring one ambassador who has done an amazing job representing Insight at their events and who embodies the Insight spirit! Please welcome our first Featured Ambassador, Cheri Venturi!

Cheri Venturi is from Vineland, NJ and has been an Insight employee for 3 years. She works as a substitute teacher and paraprofessional, and her favorite grade to work with is Kindergarten. We asked her a few questions about her experience working with Insight.

Why do you substitute? 

I substitute in the same district that I taught in and mostly in the very same school. I was a special education teacher for 30 years. Insight gives me the flexibility to work as many days as I would like to.

What is your favorite substituting story? 

I was [substituting] at Johnstone School in the Kindergarten classes. The students were so excited to see me each morning that they would try to guess what room I would be in. They would gather in the hall near the quad until I let them take their guesses by a show of hands as to the room I was [assigned to] that day. There were many sad faces when they found out I wasn’t with them, but I would always visit the other classes at some point during the day to check in with the students and say, “hello!” This gave me an opportunity to get to know all of the Kindergarten students at Johnstone.

Why did you become an Insight Ambassador?

I think the Insight Ambassador program is a great idea. It gets us out into the community to represent Insight at various events. There are still many people working in the school system that do not know about Insight.

What’s the best thing about being an Insight Ambassador? 

I love being an Insight Ambassador. I get to attend events at the different schools in Vineland and am able to talk to many of the staff, parents, and students. All of the principals have been very welcoming to me. Looking forward, I plan to attend as many events as possible so I can become part of the school family. It is important the school staff sees Insight employees as part of the whole school community and not just visitors in the school. I am excited to be part of the Insight Team and thankful to be chosen as the first featured ambassador!

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy teaching craft classes at a local library. The summer is my favorite time of year. I am truly a beach girl and love the sunshine. Either it’s the Jersey shore or Florida coast!

Do you have any tips for new substitutes?

Arrive at school early to meet the principal, office staff, and teachers at the grade level you are substituting in that day. Introduce yourself to everyone! Let other teachers know that you are available to sub for them if needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Read your plans and emergency procedures as soon as you get to your room. Stand at the doorway of your classroom to greet the students as they arrive. Be prepared to have a great day. Smile!

If you would like to know more about the Insight Ambassador program or learn how you can become one, please email