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We are one of the fastest growing education staffing providers that will show you the financial benefits of partnering with our effective staffing platform and team of experts.

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    Our Value Proposition


    We consider you a partner not a client and want to work with you to reduce absenteeism and increase fill rates

    Experienced Staff

    Our management team collectively has over 19 years of experience specifically in the educational staffing sector

    Time & Efficiency

    Let us worry about your staffing needs so you can focus on other critical areas of your school district

    Cost Savings

    We are an industry leader when it comes to helping school districts reduce costs

    Improved Fill Rates

    Our partners have seen an average fill rate increase of over 10%

    Compliance Assurance

    Thanks to our stout protocols and processes, you won't have to worry about compliance issues any longer

    Talent Recruitment

    Using advanced digital platforms with traditional grass-roots efforts and partnerships, we've built the region's deepest talent pool.

    Quality of Staff

    Insight's response time & customer support is excellent. We are available 6am-9pm

    Strategic Direction

    Guided by experiential knowledge and cutting-edge industry analytics, Insight is changing the way education is delivered