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Insight Workforce Solutions Partners with Bridgeton School District

We are excited to announce another expansion!

Determined to improve the substitute teacher workforce serving its students, the Bridgeton School District of Cumberland County, NJ, has signed a contract for the 2017-2018 school year with Insight. We are excited to announce this expansion and welcome Bridgeton to the Insight network.

This expansion was made possible in part by the example set by our current pool of professionals and paraprofessionals. School districts working with Insight have seen the quality of our substitutes and paraprofessionals and witnessed first-hand how devoted we are to students’ education and well-being.

Insight’s high standards and rigorous background checks mean that our education professional and paraprofessionals are top notch and we will maintain these standards as we continue to grow.

When school districts partner with Insight to manage professional and paraprofessional staffing, it frees up time and resources for the district and allows them to focus more on students and their education.

Want to work in Bridgeton?

Insight is offering jobs to all the current substitute teachers in the Bridgeton Area School District. Apply here!