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Insight is Excited to Announce Another Pay Rate Increase!

We are proud to announce that yet another school district has recognized Insight’s exceptional education professionals.

As of Monday, March 6, 2017, Insight team members with a Substitute Teacher Certificate will receive an increase of $10 per day in the Midland Park School District.

This $10 increase from the previous $85 per day rate is due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received regarding our substitutes and paraprofessionals from schools in the Midland Park School District.

Here at Insight, we make it a priority to advocate for our team members, because it is their continued strong performance that makes these pay rate increases possible. Our goal is to provide all Insight team members with positions that appreciate and reward excellence.

Congratulations to the Insight professionals who have worked in the Midland Park School District for making this achievement possible!