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A Great Year for Insight!

The 2016/2017 school year was one of tremendous growth for Insight and we want to a moment to thank our incredible team. From our paraprofessionals to our substitutes to our corporate team, thank you for your passion for education and for your dedication to the students of the many districts in the Insight network.

School districts working with Insight have seen the quality of our education professionals and paraprofessionals and how devoted we are to students’ well-being and education. We have dedicated District Managers who work within their respective districts to ensure our district partners have a direct point of contact within Insight, as well as provide our education professionals and paraprofessionals with support.

Allison Corvo, District Manager, had this to say when asked to reflect on the last year:
I loved contributing to the schools in my districts throughout the 2016-2017 school year. By far my favorite way of contributing was observing substitutes in the classroom. I am lucky that I got to observe some great teachers and provide them with actionable feedback. It was extremely fulfilling to be able to offer advice to substitute teachers who were new to the profession.


Outside of the classroom, I was really proud of helping school districts understand the ways in which professional development absences can affect fill rates. I was able to provide them with data about how the window in which those absences are entered is extremely important. Additionally, I was able to provide a list of professional development dates to substitutes in Midland Park, so that they knew in advance to look for absences on those dates. When our employees had more clarity, they were eager to cover those absences.

Joe Walter, School District Manager for Insight said:

Communication and availability is key to our partnerships with school districts.

As a District Manager, I serve as a reminder of Insight’s dedication to education. I greet education professionals and paraprofessionals as they arrive at schools in the morning. I routinely visit classrooms to observe our substitutes, attend community events to recruit local substitutes of quality, and meet with district administration to discuss program needs throughout the school year.

Overall, being in schools allows me to make program recommendations and address concerns. I’ve worked with disricts to create fall and spring incentive programs for our substitutes. These programs benefit both the substitute and the district, as substitutes are guaranteed work in advance which then improves the fill rate for the district.

Fill rates are one of the ways in which we measure our success. Filling open positions when full-time educational professionals take time off is extremely important to students’ education. When open positions aren’t filled, classrooms are combined or education professionals are shuffled around a school, and this often results in students’ not experiencing their planned lessons and receiving less attention. Since instructional time is so critical to education, quality substitute teachers that are able to carry out lesson plans and connect to students are an integral part of a school’s success.

Through the use our proprietary staffing technology and innovative solutions like the incentive programs, we are excited to share with you that between the 2015/16 year and now, Insight as an organization more than doubled classroom positions filled.

The Black Horse Pike Regional School District of New Jersey saw a 10% increase in fill rates over the course of the last year. Coatesville Area School District of Pennsylvania experienced a 14% increase in fill rates, Swedesboro-Woolwich School District saw 15%, and Burlington  Township School District experienced a 22% jump.

Not only did Insight bring about increased fill rates in the last year, we saw an increase in pay rates for our educational professionals and paraprofessionals in many districts. The quality of the education professionals and paraprofessionals we staff made it possible for Insight to advocate for – and get – increases in daily rates. We reaffirm our commitment to maintaining our high standards and rigorous background checks as we prepare to enter the 2017/2018 school year.

In addition to our education staffing in the many school districts in the Insight network, 2016/2017 saw the creation of the Insight Education Achievement Scholarship Fund. We provided scholarships to five high school seniors majoring in education and we look forward to expanding the Scholarship Fund in the 2017/2018 school year.

And even though summer vacation is upon us, we’re still excited about school. We just participated as an organization in the Rancocas Valley Devil Dash. Look for us at Gloucester Township Day 2017 and the Berlin Township Spring Festival.

We’re also sponsoring the Swedesboro Woolwich Day in September and we have planned a dozen different community events over the summer months.

We couldn’t be more excited to see what the next school year brings. We wish you a safe, fun summer and don’t forget to follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and here on our blog. If you’re part of the Insight network, let us know how you’re spending your summer and tag us @workwithinsight.